Asphodel Works


We offer language services from and into Bulgarian. Because we are a team of professional translators with over ten years of experience, we are proud to deliver a high quality translation every time. In the translation process we utilize the best resources available, being amongst the few in Bulgaria to have excellent command of CAT tools such as WordFast or Trados.

Long experience and additional qualifications in various fields such as Medicine, Economics, Engineering and Literature allow us to cover virtually every linguistic field that a client may request. Use of Computer Assisted Translation tools allows us to use company specific terminology (if available) in order to ensure accuracy and consistency throughout the whole range of translated material.

All projects are proofread by a second translator so that the possibility of any mistakes or omissions is eliminated.

We prefer and recommend

Many critics, no defenders,
translators have but two regrets:
when we hit, no one remembers,
when we miss, no one forgets.