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Translators live off the differences between languages, all the while working toward eliminating them.
Edmond Cary
Asphodel Works


Company expansion to a foreign market necessitates that the product you have to offer - hardware equipment, software installation and almost anything else - must "speak" to its potential buyers and end-users in their own language. There is more than 'translation' to be done in this case, however. Often, specific functions or characteristics may need to be modified to meet the market and linguistic requirements and peculiarities. Our native speakers of the Bulgarian language will use the most appropriate wording for the presentation of your product and their knowledge of scripting languages and command of tag-editing software will ensure full functionality of your software without damaging its code.

Asphodel Works localizes in Bulgarian the WORDFAST website, localized the Bulgarian Property Advisors website and helped localize the TRANSLATORSCAFE website.

In the sphere of Software localization, we work on the English localization of Japanese Windows Mobile devices, as well as software for the WM platform. For more information, please visit sharp.cheeseus.org and the site forums.

Asphodel Works