Asphodel Works


Business expansion to a foreign market requires that your product - hardware equipment, software installation and almost anything else – "speak" to its potential buyers and end-users in their own language. There is more than 'translation' to be done in this case, however. Often, specific functions or characteristics may need to be modified to meet the market and linguistic requirements and idiosyncrasies. Our native speakers of the Bulgarian language will use the most appropriate wording for the presentation of your product and their knowledge of scripting languages and command of tag-editing software will ensure full functionality of your software without damaging its code, using CAT tools where possible.

The managing director of Asphodel Works, Stefan Stefanov, has localized in Bulgarian, among others, the Wordfast website and the Wordfast Anywhere and Wordfast Pro Online user interfaces, participated in the localisation of the TranslatorsCafe website, ASKfm social network, the OpenCart e-shopping platform, the HotelsCombined website, some Intel products, the Total Commander app for Android, and hundreds of smaller projects.

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Computers will never replace translators, but translators who use computers will replace translators who don't.
Timothy Hunt