Asphodel Works


Asphodel Works – Language Solutions That Do a Great Job ™ – is a relatively small translation agency based in Bulgaria, employing language experts who translate, interpret, proofread, and localize from and into Bulgarian. All our linguists are also experts who teach at Bulgaria’s best Faculty of Modern Languages at the "St. Cyril and St. Methodius" University of Veliko Tarnovo.

Asphodel Works is dedicated to continuously maintaining the highest standards in language solutions, utilizing modern translation methods to ensure consistency of the translation process and guarantee impeccable linguistic performance.

Our services rank high on the translation services market in respect of pricing, as well as in quaility. We will often charge more than the average translation agency in Bulgaria, where, unfortunately, the levels of qualification are not controlled by the relevant state bodies, allowing the existence of "very competitive prices" and a "quality of services" which ought to be punishable by the law.

Asphodel Works will always offer its customers and partners reliable language solutions that are invariably worth their price.

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Translators live off the differences between languages, all the while working toward eliminating them.
Edmond Cary