Shopping trips

Shopping in Bulgaria is very different from shopping in England, but it’s a lot less different than it was 10 years ago.

There are far more supermarkets and even DIY superstores and an almost infinite variety of little shops that sell a bewildering range of often seemingly unrelated items. Many shops are located down back streets or on what appears to be an industrial estate. Some seem to have flexible opening hours and often there is little indication from the outside as to what is for sale inside. Some shops have English speaking sales staff, (particularly things like hardware stores) but many do not. Most labels are in Bulgarian.

Most things are cheaper here than back in the UK, but a few, particularly those for which there is little or recent demand can be more expensive. Shower screens to fit over the bath, bathroom fittings generally and almost everything for a pleasure, as opposed to working garden seems to fit in the latter category.


Over time we plan to add details of some of the shops we've found to be most helpful. In the meantime, going shopping for your home furnishing or building supplies is something that Chris is still very happy to help you out with. We charge 10 leva a hour for his time and a transport cost if we use our van.
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