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Finding and working with local builders and tradesmen

If you have commissioned a building company to complete the renovation on your house, you may not need to worry about finding local tradesmen. Everything should be done for you; this has the advantage that you are dealing with only one person.

Many people however (ourselves included) have decided to work alongside a local builder, this has the advantage of saving money and ensuring that we get exactly what we want.

If like us, you prefer to work directly with people local to you we can help you find them.

This may be in the initial stages of your renovation when you need builders, plumbers, electricians or almost any other sort of tradesmen. Later you may want to find a gardener, or even someone to keep an eye on your house if you have to be away from it.

Sometimes we may already know someone in your area, at other times we can come with you to your village, speak to your neighbours or mayor and help you find someone who can provide a service in your area.

By removing the language gap we offer you good value and also offer the opportunity to work with local villagers.

Case Study
We were approached by a couple with a house in a small village, they are not able to live in Bulgaria on a full time basis but didn't feel that it was necessary for them to have a full property management service from an agency. They did want to have the peace of mind of knowing that should there be a problem with the house they would be made aware of it. There were no other English speakers in the village; however they were able to come to an arrangement with a neighbour that he would keep an eye on their house. He has a contact phone number for us so that he can speak to a Bulgarian who will relay messages to the couple if necessary. For added security we also phone the Bulgarian gentleman once a month to ensure that nothing untoward has happened.

Contact us at services @ bulgarianbuddies . com.