Meeting and understanding your neighbours

Many English speakers who have moved to Bulgaria have chosen to live in villages around the Veliko Tarnovo region. Most of us have received a more generous welcome than we could ever have dreamed of or hoped for.

By and large the villages are populated by older people, few of whom speak English. Equally, few of us speak much Bulgarian, at least when we first arrive. One of the nice things about this is discovering how much can be communicated between people with no common language when there is genuine desire for understanding and good-will. Nevertheless, there are times when language helps. Finding out when the bins are emptied, the water or electric meters read, when the buses run and how to contact the doctor are all concrete examples of times when the precision of the spoken word comes in useful.

An hour spent with your nearest neighbours with one of our Buddies will more than repay itself in terms of information gained; setting up a meeting with your local mayor is a courtesy that might be appreciated.

If you are an early English speaking resident in a particular village be prepared for your neighbours to be just as curious about you as you are about them; photos of family in England or the place you used to live will be examined with great interest.

Oh yes, don’t expect to do much else for the rest of the day after meeting your neighbours for the first time, unless you are completely teetotal you are likely to by plied with Rakia or wine.

To set up an appointment to meet the neighbours contact us at or ring us on 0898 229910.