Things we hope will change

It's not a bug, it's a feature!

Why bother with curtains in the hotel if they're too small for the windows?

It's a lovely bathroom; wouldn't it be even nicer if the door shut?

It's a wet room, which means remember to move the toilet roll outside before using the shower...

Given that Bulgarian plumbing sometimes leaves something to be desired (water-tightness mainly!), is next to the sink really the best place to put the electric sockets?

I know that the important thing is that the lights work; just the same, if you have two switches next to each other why not line them up at the same height?

Why didn't the roofer bring a ladder? How can the workman expect to dig a hole since he's come without a spade?

Why repaint the white lines on the road when the potholes still need to be repaired?

And so on...

As well as these, really rather minor things, there are a few more serious issues. These are things which we dearly hope will change as Bulgaria develops.

  • Driving Standards: Death rates on Bulgarian roads are higher than on UK roads, a fact that is particularly shocking when you consider that Bulgaria has a population of around 7 million.
  • Rubbish Disposal (or not!): Sadly the beauty of the Bulgarian countryside is often marred by plastic bags strewn along the roadsides and piles of household waste at the edge of the village...
  • Corruption: and the perception of it's existence. This is an issue that you are likely to face at some stage.
  • Dealing with Public Officials: Maybe the most stressful thing about living in Bulgaria for many Brits.
  • Dual Pricing: Officially illegal for EU citizens and rarely happens these days.
  • Customer Service: Something that Bulgaria has lagged behind it but it is getting much better.