Bulgarian Buddies Shiroka Laka (Rhodopi Mountains)
by Pavel Petkov

How time flies...and how things change. It seems hard to believe it but we’ve now been in Bulgaria for over 10 years.

When we’d been here for a few years, it seemed like a great idea to offer relocation services to other English speakers arriving in the country. As our life here and Bulgaria itself have developed we’ve decided not to continue this. There are a couple of reasons:

We’ve developed other businesses, in particular the book shop which take all our time and attention.

There is far more support available now than there was back in 2007.

If you’re an existing client revisiting the site, don’t worry. Anything we’ve agreed to do will continue.

If you’re visiting the site because you’re considering moving to Bulgaria and specifically the Veliko Tarnovo region you’ll still find useful information and, we hope a flavour of what you can expect life in this beautiful corner of Europe to offer.

What You’ll Find on the Site

The Book Cave: A tiny English language bookshop in Veliko Tarnovo. Most of the books are second hand, a few are new and all are very reasonably priced.

Pear Tree Apartment: Come stay in the village, meet the pets and the people. The apartment has been used by authors wanting a quiet place to work while they meet deadlines. It’s ideal for a rural holiday and if you’re considering coming to Bulgaria it’s definitely recommended as way to try before you buy.

Deciding to Come: Our personal perspective, and it might not be yours. There are lots of great reasons for moving abroad, but there are also downsides. Maybe our thoughts will act as a starting point for your own decisions.

People and Places: Find out more about us, and some of the things we love about this region.

Getting Established: We’re no longer offering relocation services. But there are plenty of people who’ll help you get established in Bulgaria. Find out more about them here. Just so you know... if you choose to use any of the services or people on this page we neither ask for not accept any kind of commission. Mention our name if you like, or don’t if you prefer...it’s entirely up to you.

Village Life: A collection of musings, blogs and observations about what it’s like to live in Bulgaria. It’s often funny, sometimes frustrating but NEVER boring.